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Service providers can create their own web-channels and provide VoD services for users' attraction. Monetization opportunities are:  viewing commercials before films, recording VoD programs at extra cost, access to channels and films through personal cabinet from any PC, tablet or mobile with  Internet connection worldwide.


Netris WebView OTT Platform is a universal content delivery system providing network subscribers and web users with a full range of interactive services. Netris Solution offers new unique experience in seamless switching between internet-connected devices during watching TV. The cutting edge solution provides personalized interactive service on any device to a consumer choice.

Internet TV Basic Services:

Internet TV allows service providers to offer web-users VOD and nVoD services:

  • Video on Demand (VoD) allows subscribers to watch films from service providers’ content library and control the process by using keys “play”, “pause”, “fast forward” and “rewind”;
  • Near Video on Demand (nVoD) provides content broadcasting in mulicast mode at a scheduled point in time. It can be used by service providers for demonstration of new or exclusive content. Control keys (“play”, “pause”, “fast forward” and “rewind”) are not available. The service allows to create personal web-channels.

The sphere of Internet TV application is very wide: Internet broadcasting of TV channels for audience attraction, big companies creation of their own tele- and radio- channels, advertising agencies broadcasting of commercials in shops, universities, medical institutions and schools broadcasting for educational purposes.

Push-VoD (Progressive Download) provides content downloading to user device (PC) hard disk. Push VoD can be used in case of online video broadcasting bad quality. It is also used as a subscription service for downloading serials and talk-shows, which are transmitted to the user hard disk after broadcasting for the user to see them at any convenient time (Catch up TV). The providers can limit keeping the program on the user hard disk.

One of the most prospective spheres of Push-VoD implementation is Mobile TV. The users can subscribe to video reels, news, video clips, programs and they will be downloaded to the user’s device for example at night for the user to see them the next day at any convenient time.

Integration with IP-cameras (CCTV). Netris iStream  provides lodging  protection. A signal from watching cameras is being recorded on video server and the user can see what is going on at his lodging at any moment from any PC, iPad or mobile phone with Internet connection.

Netris complex solution provides:

  • Russia-based production of components;
  • Multifunctional VoD;
  • Experience in successful implementations;
  • Partnership with the leading manufactures;
  • New services;
  • Unique developments decreasing OPEX and CAPEX.