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TV service based on IP technology opens great opportunities for telecos and cable operators. Thanks to the reverse channel operators can increase a range of supported services, which promotes the growth of competitiveness and business efficiency.

Services with a significant consumer value:

  • TV Broadcasting in a higher quality (incl. HDTV). The service is designed for the owners of big screens (HD Ready, Full HD) for whom traditional TV is not satisfactory for now.
  • Nonlinear TV includes TimeShifted TV, Personal Video Recording and other services to enhance user experience for watching favorite TV shows anytime they like. These functions make TV look like Internet but with individual settings, friendly interface and TV usage.
  • Multiscreen provides access to the operator’s content from any device that is connected to the Internet. A subscriber can start watching a TV show on a TV and continue on a tablet or mobile phone.


At present moment Netris realizes the conception "digital content everywhere and on any device" which integrates:

End-to-end Netris Solution supports a great variety of IPTV, OTT and Hybrid TV services with an option to broad functionality according to Customer’s needs. The services can be provided to STBs, PCs, tablets, mobile phones and Smart TVs. The basic configuration consists of iVision Middleware, iStream Video Server and a 3-rd party CA/DRM System. To increase supported features it is only necessary to purchase additional licenses, i.e. for Hybrid TV deployment an operator needn’t buying new components.netris concept