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Video Surveillance Service allows to connect an unlimited number of cameras to a centralized system for recording and storage of the video. The user can restrict access to the video in his personal account. The real benefit is in providing an easy way for a user with no special knowledge to manage the video camera or surveillance installation.

The Netris CCTV Platform is a carrier-class solution to provide media services video over the Internet. The solution is designed for telecom operators and internet service providers that are interested in expanding the range of IP services, increasing ARPU and helping them present a high technology  image by offering additional popular services on the basis of the latest advances in IP-communications.

The Service can be interesting for


  • Construction companies
  • The bodies of state and municipal authorities
  • Homeowners (entrance, parking area)
  • Stores (free tickets) and shopping centers
  • Others


  • home security
  • observation of the nurse / babysitter
  • broadcast important events to the Internet (integration with social networks)