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Netris Video Consultant is a unique solution to provide video consulting accompanied by the demonstration of documents and sites  in real time. The opportunities of the solution allow saving and printing the shown documents. The key features of Netris Video Consultant are interactive introduction with the papers and an opportunity to offer a video consulting service for several users simultaneously. 

Netris Video Consultant Key Benefits:

  • creates an additional channel of communication with clients/potential clients using modern Internet technologies;
  • offers multiple entry points to start communications: a website (an open access and a secure connection) and an information kiosk;
  • provides protection for the transmitted data;
  • includes integration with existing information systems: CRM, call center systems, ABS and others;
  • records, stores and joins materials to the client profile.

Netris Video Consultant Implementation Spheres:

  • Empowering call centers to provide video consultations via the Internet. Center operators can demonstrate a variety of documents: contracts, accounts, payment schedules and any other information. The client has a visual contact with the consultant and can ask questions and receive answers in real time.
  • Online support of public services portal. The solution allows to provide expert assistance in completing application forms, declarations and other documents.
  • Paid consulting services with the possibility of filling in the documents and save them on a user’s computer.
  • Education. Netris Video Consultant allows to connect several users simultaneously for the demonstration.