Netris Debt Collection 2.0

Netirs Debt Collection is a software system for automating the procedure of overdue payments collection. Netris Debt Collection was developed in cooperation with different banks and credit organizations, that allowed Netris professionals to collect and accumulate unique experience and knowledge in the field of building business processes for distressed asset management.

The platform provides all the operations with credit files:

  • credit files acquisition from external system including full information about a borrower and relevant payments;
  • credit files distribution among the bank officials  depending on their  functions and authorities and on any credit files specifications;
  • processing credit files according to the business processes of a bank, its organization, loan product type, debt character and other specifications;
  • essential measures development  according to the work with a customer; 
  • postal mail, e mail, sms, etc.  notification of customer based on relevant  information about every credit file;
  • customer information export to other banking systems for further use;
  • acquisition of statistic information about operating results  at all credit files processing stages.

The basic capabilities of the platform allow:

  • To keep all the relevant informationin credit file and its history; 
  • To keep debtors  register and debts list of each debtor;
  • Customer to set up  business processes himself: to determine the list of credit files status, to configure  debt collection procedure, to automate status change, to set up the mechanisms of cooperation with debtors;
  • To distribute credit files among bank officials  to provide their optimum workload;
  • To set up notification system allowing to follow the work stages;
  • Remote bank offices with minimum technical options to operate the central Defaulting Debtors Database.

Due to the system capabilities in operational reporting the bank management obtains all the relevant information about departments’ activities, credit files status, bank officials and departments workload and their performance statistics. 

In addition to Netris Debt Collection 2.0 basic capabilities the following functional modules can be added:

  •  Telephony Integration Module;
  •  Collection Agency Module;
  •  Complementary Reporting Module.

Scaling and recourse requirements:

The system is based on client/server architecture, Oracle database and web-based application server. Access to the customer interface is carried out through the PC browser with minimum technical requirements.
System extension is provided by purchasing additional end-user license agreements. The license agreement price doesn’t depend on the consumers’ geographic distribution.

Netris Debt Collection 2.0 advantages:
  • Low system operating cost;
  • Low system extension investments (connected with credit files and users increase);
  • Minimum technical requirements to the system operator PC and communication channels for web-browser based interface;
  • Interaction  with any automated banking systems and data sources;
  • Short implementation period: minimum software configuration is installed and set up during 1-2 months;
  • Netris Debt Collection 2.0 uses advantages of integration with Oracle database minimum configuration.