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Modern service providers are interested in delivering interactive content and providing related services over fixed and mobile networks using wireless technologies. Netris introduces mobile solutions providing TV broadcasting and other IPTV services over DVB-H, GPRS, EDGE, WiFi or WIMAX. The solutions provide subscribers with high quality interactive services for modern PDAs and smartphones.

Solution Basic Advantages:

Providing services independent from a mobile service provider;
Providing online and Push VoD services;
Supporting metadata (Electronic Program Guide) transmission;
User-friendly interface for mobile phones.

Netris Mobile TV Solutions

Netris IPDC Solution
An innovative solution allowing service providers to offer high quality mobile DVB-H broadcasting (IP Datacasting - IP packages transmission over DVB-H) to their subscribers.

Netris Mobile OTT Platform
A universal platform for broadcasting and providing interactive video services (nVoD, VoD, Push VoD) over GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, WiFi, WiMAX

Basic Mobile Services:
  • Broadcasting. Emulated multicast reduces resource consumption of broadcasting servers during video stream transmission.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) includes TV programs schedule and description.
  • Video on Demand (VoD) provides:
    • Access to VoD library at any convenient time;
    • Online viewing with “rewind” key available.
  • Near Video on Demand (nVoD)
    • This service is popular for transmission of content interesting for mass audience (online broadcasting);
    • Allows service provider to offer its own channel consisting of unique content.
  • Podcast
    • Content (music, video clips, video blogs, serials, audio books, TV-shows) is downloaded to user mobile device;
    • 2 ways of contents downloading are available: Push VoD (downloading of all content) and Progressive Downloading (downloading of selected content) depending on service provider business-model;
    • The service provider controls time of transmission (for example during low network load periods);
    • Users have an access to the downloaded content at any time.