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Carriers need solutions for acquiring, processing, encoding, and managing video content effectively, as well as broad expertise to help ensure that analog, digital, and IP technologies closely interoperate to deliver best-in-class video experience. For these purposes big operators buy comlex HeadEnd Solutions from such vendos as Tandberg, Scientific Atlanta, Harmonic, Optibase, etc. iVision IPTV Middleware is compatible with any chosen HeadEnd equipment (SD and HD, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/AVC).

ISPs mostly can not afford serious extending the core headend components which deliver customized and personalized on-demand functionality but in cooporation wih big operators and content aggregatos they can offer their customes new amasing video experience (B2B Model).

iVision IPTV Middleware can support several DRM products enabling carriers to provide the full range of video content customers expect, while helping ensure that video can be delivered securely and that intellectual property can be protected throughout the service network The leaders in CAS/DRM manufacturing are Verimatrix, Irdeto, NDS, SecureMedia. Netris' iVision has succesfull integration experience with all the mentioned above CAS/DRM and can be easily integrated with others.

Video on Demand Servers
VoD servers are designed to have two major parts: streaming platform and content storage. Where are software-only and mixed (hardware and software) solutions in VoD. iVision IPTV Middleware has successful integration experience with Espeal, Anevia and Arris Video Servers. Netris Vod Server iStream VoD Server offers unique opportunities for telecommunication operators: VoD, nVod, Push VoD, Internet TV. As a suite with Netris DMA it enables providers to deploy reliable distributed VoD environment.    
Netris DMA (Distributed Media Architect)
In distributed network architectures operators need tools to manage content access and delivering. Netris DMA allows redirect subscribers requests to the nearest available video server. Also it distributes content from central video server to locals via multicast.

iVision IPTV Middleware
iVision IPTV Middleware – is a key component in IPTV solution.
It provides an intelligent, network-based platform for supporting video storage, content distribution, personalization, and streaming functions, allowing carriers to deliver customized, interactive, and local content. The solution can support the full range of next-generation video entertainment applications, including:
  • VoD
  • Near VoD (nVOD)
  • Network Digital Video Recorder (nDVR)
  • TV time-shifting
To deliver a satisfying video experience, not only must carriers provide compelling content, but the content must be complemented with the interactivity and personalization that users demand, such as in-home content sharing, VoD, DVR, and caller ID. Middleware is the key enabler of IPTV services and provides a competitive advantage in differentiation of the IPTV versus existing video services.

Netris IPTV Solution supports various STB models with HTML support. To be sure that selected model is supported please call to Netris. We will make all compatibility tests. Please click Partners to look at the full compatibility list.

iVision PC Solution turns any broadband-connected PC into a fully functional, interactive IP client that complements the use of set-top boxes (STBs) in today’s networked household. One of the solution components – PC Player, developed by one of CAS/DRM manufacturers, which provides decryption and viewing media content on users’ computers.

Application servers
All new value-added serviced for operator like Instant Messaging, Telephony, Network Games, Convergent Services and others can be done on Application servers

Billing system
Integration between middleware and operators billing system takes a time, because of some specialties depends on operator demands. Time for integration can be estimated from two weeks to several months and it depends on integration complexity and relationship with billing developers (in case of non standard systems)

IPTV Solution Key Benefits
  • Customer tailored software. Our OSS/BSS elements, video service management in IP-environment – provides absolutely compatibility, functionality and performance for the whole system;
  • All solutions based on open standards, so you can choose any vendor for hardware, add new applications, based on open standards;
  • Close partnership with major vendors of IPTV components gives advantages in maintenance and delivery conditions;
  • Experience – we have unique experience for Russia in IPTV software development and solution based on it;
  • Technical support – we support all our products and solutions.