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Videoservices’ division of Central Telegraph has successfully finished testing and implementation of iCode service available to all QWERTY.TV subscribers using VOD service. iCode simplifies access to video content and extends opportunity for its distribution among interested audience.

IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware is the underlying enabler for the QWERTY.TV service management system. The IPSoft platform, a flexible and reliable Netris solution, delivers a full range of interactive services (TV, Video, Communication) to different broadband connected user devices. One of the IPSoft iVision basic functions is the generation and enabling of the user interface. Netris’ continuous improvement of the interactive services and promotion of content resulted in creation of a ‘shortcut’ for film selection.

iCode allows the user to get to the film’s order page quickly by pushing 4 numerical buttons on the  remote control. The numbers are the ID of a film that can be made available in the service provider’s authorized catalogue or on the internet site.

Actually iCode has been available to QWERTY.TV users since July 2009. The final stage of iCode implementation in September 2009 included testing and functions extending. Now four-figure ID for every film in VOD library can be found on TV screens as well as in the VOD library list on the internet site. The option prevents users from searching the film found on the internet site in the TV menu – you can only push 4 buttons on the remote control.

Moreover iCode numbers now are specified in the film trailers on QWERTY promotion channel and in other promotion products. So the user is also prevented from additional search for the film in TV menu.

“One of the most important tasks for us is to improve services and make them more convenient to the subscribers, - says Sergey Mitin, Director of Videoservices' Division, Central Telegraph. – We follow the customer oriented conception that makes us continue constant search for new useful solutions. iCode is one of such solutions and we are glad that cooperation with Netris allowed us to implement it.”

“Only service provider can make real services out of platform opportunities, – says Alexey Bugay, Netris CEO. – Using the ID film database provides a shortcut for film selection and allows to implement other impressing services. We are glad that QWERTY.TV services are developing and allow to reach another level of VOD services usage.”

iCode allows to work more effectively with the audience informing every potential viewer about the simplest and the shortest way of getting the desired content.

About Central Telegraph

Central Telegraph JSC (www.cnt.ru), one of the leading service providers in Russia, was founded in 1852.

The area of the company’s activity is Moscow and its region. The following services to individuals and companies are provided: broadband Internet connection, digital telephony, digital TV, networks and services etc. Technological platform is its own 2300 km optical network covering Moscow and its region and 2200 km optical network  of its subsidiary company JSC Centel.

One of the company’s key projects is multiservice network of Moscow region (known as QWERTY). The network has being built since 2004 by Central Telegraph and its subsidiary company Centel using the following technologies: Metro Ethernet, Ethernet To The Building. The network allows to send all types of information. At present it covers more than 70 Moscow districts and towns in Moscow region such as: Balashikha, Krasnogorsk, Lobnya, Lyubertsy, Korolev, Mytischi, Odintsovo and Khimki. The network covers more than 1,5 million Moscow apartments and 100 thousand apartments in Moscow region.

JSC Central Telegraph is a part of Svyazinvest holding.

About Netris

Netris (www.netris.tv) is the leader in IP-communications software development and system integration. Netris is focused on development of IPTV and Banking Intelligence solutions under the IPSoft® trademark.

The basic Netris customers are telecommunication companies and banking institutions trying to improve their efficiency by using high technologies. Among them there is  Central Telegraph, Kazakhtelecom, Metalloinvest, Comstar-OTS, Comstar-Ukraine, Ukrtelecom, Rosmedia and other Russian and CIS service providers, and big Russian banks.