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Netris, a leader in software and systems integration for IP communications and banking solutions, has announced today about IPSofDebtCollection enhancement. IPSoft DebtCollection is Netris’ flagman product in the bank segment, intended for for automating the procedure of overdue payments collection.

The basic advantage of IPSoft DebtCollection is its flexibility of setting up business processes, users groups and distribution attributes. IPSoft DebtCollection offers the following possibilities for operating debts: changing the procedure of credit file processing, automating status change, changing interaction mechanisms. Bank officials according to their job responsibilities use different software tools for reaching their objectives. As IPSoft DebtCollection is a web-application it doesn’t require installation on each PC this makes system implementation easier and increases its security level. In IPSoft DebtCollection development Netris is guided by the strategy of constant perfection of the product’s characteristics that allows to expand and diversify its functionality. Automatic generation of actions is an innovation to be appreciated both by collection agencies, and the divisions of the bank which are engaged in collection of delayed debts. The given function allows to fulfill in an automatic mode remedial operations according to the asserted scenario that considerably reduces time of processing of credit file and raises efficiency.

«Similar tools existed in IPSoft DebtCollection 2.0 before that time, - said Alexey Bugay, CEO at Netris. But now IPSoft DebtCollection enables to use a new approach of working in the automated mode, where actions are initiated by timers or status change. Call of any operation is accompanied by additional customisations: period, the responsible, operation rules etc. We are assured that such approach will allow to increase an overall performance of the divisions which are engaged in collecting “bad” debts.

At the moment the function of action automatic generation is included in base version of IPSoft DebtCollection 2.0. To learn more about the product please visit

About Netris

Netris (  is a leader in software development and system integration for service providers and banking sector. The company’s products and solutions are released under IPSoft trademark. On the Russian market this trademark has been known for more than a decade.

Netris provides advanced debt collection solutions with IPSoft DebtCollection as a core component. This proven best-of-breed platform is the key element of Netris’ solution portfolio which also includes IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware, IPSoft iVision PC Solution, IPSoft iStream Video Server, IPSoft Distributed Media Architect and IPSoft Order Management System. Today Netris’ products are deployed at the most significant banks in Russia such as Russian Standard Bank, Severnaya Kazna Bank (Alfa Bank), Sovcombank.