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Netris, the leader in software development and systems integration for IP communications and video delivery, has won the open competition for a contract to develop and maintain CCTV System for MGTS subscribers. Netris and MGTS have signed the contract for development and maintenance of Netris Video Surveillance and Analytics Integration Platform.

The distinctive feature of this implementation is a possibility of providing the service both for B2G and B2B-customers and B2C-clients using a single platform. The system also has Plug and Play functional, which allows MGTS subscribers to simply connect a camera and get access to it via the Internet, using any device: PC or tablet computer, mobile phone, etc.

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The System is based on Netris CCTV Platform and Netris iStream streaming servers. It provides integration and interaction of analytical and video information. Data from the cameras and results of its intellectual processing are transferred to the command center for analysis and use.

Netris iStream is a streaming server, which provides top value-added services that helps telecommunication operators to attract on demand customers and generate revenue at the same time. iStream VoD Server was developed as an ideal combination of high performance and reliability, with a scalable solution that makes economic sense.

Netris CCTV Platform – is a carrier-class solution to provide CCTV service over the Internet. The solution is designed for telecom operators and Internet Service Providers that are interested in expanding the range of IP services, increasing ARPU and helping them present a high technology image by offering additional popular services on the basis of the latest advances in IP-communications. It can be integrated with analytical and any other 3-d party systems on the operators demand.

About MGTS (From Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia

Moscow City Telephone Network - is a publicly held utility providing local telephone service to over 4,000,000 subscribers in the city of Moscow, Russia. Its Latin acronym is MGTS. The operator completes the construction of digital technology platform based on fiber networks to buildings (FTTx) and provides all users access to a package of services, including broadband Internet access, digital TV and telephony. The company has built about 25 thousand kilometers connecting 650,000 households in Moscow.

About Netris

Netris ( is the leader in IP-communications software development and systems integration. Netris is focused on development of award-winning Video Delivery and Business Intelligence solutions. The Netris headquarters are in Moscow, Russia.

Netris' customers are telecommunication companies and banking institutions that aim to improve their efficiency using cutting edge solutions. Netris Solutions have been deployed for Rostelecom (NCN), Kazakhtelecom, Moscow Government, MTS, MGTS, Russian Standard Bank, TTK, Metalloinvest, and other Russian and CIS service providers and banks.

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