Winning the Tender for the Support of the State Information System "Single Point of Data Storage and Processing" Print E-mail

Netris will support the video surveillance system, deployed to ensure the safety of Moscow residents.

Netris, the leader in software development and systems integration for IP communications and video delivery, has won the open competition for a state contract to maintain a user portal of the State Information System "Single Point of Data Storage and Processing".

The State Information System "Single Point of Data Storage and Processing" (SPDS) was deployed in 2011 to enhance the safety of Moscow through the use of information and communication technologies. It allows state employees to monitor various aspects of urban life: traffic on the roads, safety of the streets and yards, road and social construction, public transport, etc.

SPDS’ user portal developed by Netris enables employees to access to the images from the cameras both in real time and in recording, situation analysis and the results of satellite navigation systems with localization on the city map. The service is available on computers and mobile devices that have connection to the internet.

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, about equipping the city with modern video surveillance means:

“The Russian capital is taken now in the sights of 110,000 cameras which are the best in the world, the most modern. For those who will analyze the information they transmit, workplaces are being arranged. When the system is running in full, I think the number of the solved crimes will grow to thousands, which in itself will be a major factor in reducing crime.

Any housing cooperative or management company is able to conclude a contract with this company and get the video signal from the camera installed in the yard for their own needs. The recorded video is stored in a single data base for several days. Upon the first request, it can be transferred to law enforcement authorities, which also helps to reduce crime. I believe that such a system is the most effective”.


About Netris

Netris ( is the leader in IP-communications software development and systems integration. Netris is focused on development of award-winning Video Delivery and Business Intelligence solutions. The Netris headquarters are in Moscow, Russia.

Netris' customers are telecommunication companies and banking institutions that aim to improve their efficiency using high technology solutions. Netris Solutions have been deployed for Moscow Government, Kazakhtelecom, Russian Standard Bank, MTS, TTK, National Cable Networks, Metalloinvest, Rostelecom, Ukrtelecom, and other Russian and CIS service providers and banks.